Monday, August 11, 2008

What's in a logo? A few bad choices.

CERN - the European Center for Nucular Research offers this logo:

Given the fact that 9 out of 10 scientists agree CERN's Large Hardon Collider will create anti-matter particles and suck the universe into itself, their logo's resemblance to a certain infamous number from prophesy is troubling.

Volkswagon's new logo for their summer sales event looks like a little Hitler head. Maybe it's just me but I made the association when I saw the logo on an outdoor billboard.

It's ironic no one axed the logo considering Volkswagen's advertising history. When DDB came out with their breakthrough "Think Small" campaign, one of the main considerations the campaign needed to overcome was the inherent difficulty in selling the VW: " we had to sell a Nazi car in A Jewish town."

Somebody got paid for these logos.

Now, that's my kind of dancing:

Have a seat at Wrappido:

Come to Kudawara Pharmacy for treatment:

A-Style? More like D-Style.
This one looks fine:

On second inspection, let's rethink it:
The London Olympics. Come see the train wreck!

Space bar, on the keyboard for a reason:

Brazil’s Instituto de Estudos Orientais logo promises to deliver:

Does somebody look at this garbage before they hit print?


We'll make the 'U' look like half of a mouse , and it'll look really sophisticated.



  1. These were GREAT! I love it. :)

    The London Olympics. Come see the train wreck!

    You ain't kidding! This is a horrible idea. When they won the bid, it was much better, this looks stupid. Of course, they'll have a hard act to follow with the Beijing Games.

    Great blog! I'm adding you as a link on mine!


  2. Haha, brilliant. I don't even know which is my favourite. Possibly the dentists one, the "KIDSEXCHANGE" and the really suspect picture of a mouse. They are all so good. Love stupid signs.

    I put a link to your blog on mine aswell. Thanks for the smiles hehe :)

  3. there is something about your personality that sees a sexual parallel in many areas.....Frued would have loved an hour on the couch with you my dear.......

  4. errr Sorry, stayed too late at the pub....Freud iant slip that spellink mishake......

  5. Hi sunshine, just discovered your blog today. I really like it! I've seen most of these logos before, but the 666 one was new on me ;) very good!

  6. Great collection - really hilarious!

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