Saturday, October 11, 2008

So you need an idea for a Halloween Costume

I’d be

  1. pothead. place a pot over one's head.
  2. mummy. toilet-paper style.
  3. robot. tinfoil style.
  4. frat boy. white hat, misogynistic themed shirt over popped polo.
  5. baby. oversized lollipop, adult diaper, skip the line at the bathroom.
  6. a bumblebee.
  7. heroin addict. syringe, surgical rubber, eyeblack.
  8. There Will be Blood Oilman. Cowboy hat Costume covered in oil, shout ”BASTARD IN A BASKET”, “I DRINK IT UP”, “I AM AN OILMAN.”
  9. life of the party. lampshade, loose tie.
  10. statue. toga + baby powder.
  11. flower head. Green clothes, petals around neck.
  12. particle man. particle man.
  13. bob ross. afro + painters palette. (big ups Eric B)
  14. bukkake star. pearl necklaces.
  15. one girl. one cup.
  16. any character from a bob dylan song
  17. subprime mortgage. paper and balloons.
  18. pig pen. from peanuts.
  19. crazy cat lady. loads of stuffed animal cats.
  20. whipped cream dispenser. white suit, whipped cream cans.
  21. sex offender. thick glasses, moustache, candy.
  22. salad. grean leaf, tomatoes, onions, croutons.
  23. hipster.
  24. panty man. dressed completely in panties.
  25. fat guy. clothes stuffed with clothing making you look really fat.
  26. pregnant lady. with birth action removable bloody newborn baby.
  27. shamed passed out person. drunken sharpee tattoos.
  28. professor. leather elbow patched blazer, pipe.
  29. date rapist. phony mickey pills, smile.
  30. @*#% in a box gifter.
  31. underwear made from cds. what are you? cd's. huh? see deez nuts.
  32. magnetic man. metal objects glued to one's self.
  33. predatory lender. wolf or shark in business suit.
  34. sandwich board guy.
  35. barrel wearing poor person.
  36. leaf man.
  37. voting booth. big box, mccain and obama lever.
  38. kamikaze pilot. rising sun headband, jumpsuit.
  39. zombie jfk. suit, head wound.
  40. jackie o. pink lady suit, pillbox hat, handful of brains.
  41. tetris piece.
  42. pi mei.
  43. little mac.
  44. great tiger.
  45. sanjaya.
  46. apu.
  47. electro-lady.
  48. plastic lady. fake boobs, fake lips.
  49. marionette. strings attached.
  50. edward 40 hands. a 40s taped to each hand.
  51. ninja.
  52. wireman.
  53. Randle P McMurphy.
  54. arcade machine. cardboard, with cheeky joystick.
  55. cornholio.
  56. conspiracy theorist. tin foil hat, 9/11 truth pamphlets.
  57. leper.
  58. janet jackson. wardrobe malfunction.
  59. poolboy. butterfly net.
  60. man afflicted with giant tick
  61. broken record. lp pieces of vinyl attached all over. and over.
  62. Kat Von Dee - draw her tattoos on yerself
  63. POW McCain
  64. mr mighty cinammon.
  65. shower (see Karate Kid)
  66. cobrai kai skeleton trooper. sweep the leg.
  67. spa treatment. mud mask, terry cloth robe, cucumber slices.
  68. little superstar.
  69. sheet ghost
  70. chairman mao.


  1. Nice. Maybe I'll be a Ninja with Wardrobe Malfunction. :)

  2. A mindreader. Only with real powers.

  3. I'm going for the crazy cat lady. It's really not a stretch for me! ;)

  4. Right on lol. I'm going to be a sexy mafia chic. Kick ass list.

  5. "Handful of brains" - that's genius.

    You have the earmarks of an overlord in the making. Naturally, I will follow you.

    ~ Anna

  6. That is the BEST list - shame we dont do Halloween in Oz. Then again I may just dress up in one of these anyway just to get some attention! Great blog, sir!

  7. woohooo!!

    I've been looking for some good DIY costume ideas. Last year I spent way too much money on an unsuccessful one, so I'm ready to frugally rock this house this year. Preesh!

  8. haha some fantastic ideas... love it.