Friday, June 12, 2009

Car Free Fridays

Did you notice less traffic in the Burgh today? Cleaner air? Today Car Free Fridays launched, a city-wide initiative to get people to go carless on Fridays.  

The idea was a collaborative effort of BikePGH and Mullen, PAT, Whole Foods, The Sprout Fund, REI, et al to get people thinking about using alternative transportation on Fridays throughout the year.

There are so many good reasons for this initiative I decided to participate. Especially after my failed attempt to help out in the Pound for Pound Challenge. (I pledged to lose 15 pounds, so needy families would get 15 pounds of groceries. I think I gained 10 pounds. So I stole 10 pounds of food from a poor family. I didn’t want to, but a deals a deal.)

I hadn’t been on a bike in a few years after an ignominious crash that broke my collarbone and headset. But you know what they say, it’s just like…

I rode my bike to the kick-off event at Schenley Plaza, enjoyed refreshments and inspiring speeches from event coordinators. Turnout was strong and spirits were high. You just don't get this feeling of community on the parkway. REI was on the scene helping with minor repairs and a friendly fellow helped me out with a gear adjustment.

I made it in to work, with a little huffing and puffing, about a 10 mile trip. But instead of feeling tired or worn out, I feel completely energized. And enthusiastically looking forward to the ride home.

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  1. I've been going car-free 2, 3 days a week lately! But it's kind of cheating, since I moved to within a mile of work.